Province of Pune

At a glance

Provincial Fr. Vincent Lourduswamy Msfs
Provincial Councillors 1. Fr. Sunny Joseph Councilor for Formation cum Admonitor; 2. Fr. Peppin Jayaraj Councilor for Education (second term); 3. Fr. Nazareth D'Silva Councilor for Mission; 4. Fr. Albert Fernandes Councilor for Social / Innovative ministries; 5. Fr. Jerry Misquith Bursar (Stewardship)
Priests 115
Brothers 04
Scholastics (Professed) 37 Perpetually Frofesse: 2 and Temporarily professed – 35
Novices 05
Minor Seminarians 48
Educational Institutions 08, Urban: 5, Rural: 3
Social Centres 05
Formation Houses 03, Minor Seminaries: 2 Theologate: 1
Parishes 10
Mission Parishes 04
Renewal Center 01


The Pune Province was constituted on 10th August 1996. The expanding Maharashtra-Goa Province was bifurcated into the Pune and Nagpur Province to enhance growth in personnel and apostolic effectiveness.

The "Decree of Erection of Two Provinces from the Province of M-G promulgated by the Superior General, Rev. Fr. Emile Mayoraz, on 15th August 1995", states: (Number 10)

All confreres of the undivided M-G Province are consulted by secret ballot for the appointment of the two Provincials. This process of consultation for appointment of Provincials should be completed by October-November 1995, so that the outgoing Provincial and the two Provincials can work together on the detailed modalities of the division of the Province, before the two Provinces come into existence, respectively on the 10th August 1996 and on the 15th August 1996

The Pune Province consists of the Dioceses of Belgaum, Goa, Pune, Bombay, Vasai, Gandhinagar, Sindhudurg, Salem, Ajmer and Jaipur. This Province which launched out with forty-eight Priests, two Brothers and a few Scholastics and Candidates.


We have 26 constitutionally constituted communities, 24 in India, one in Zambia and one community in Germany and 2 Centres in Australia. Other members who are working and studying alone are affiliated to one of the communities in India


The first Provincial, Fr. Jerson D'Souza, took charge of the administration on 10th August 1996. Following which the province has had two other able leaders in the Persons of Fr. Mario D’souza for two terms and Fr. Vincent Lourduswamy who is serving the province for the second term.

Province apostolate

The Province activities include areas of education, parish missions, preaching ministry, youth apostolate, literacy programme, rehabilitation of street children, ministry to the physically and partially mentally handicapped children, empowerment programme for village women and other social apostolates as needed in the mission places and its people. Mission centres located in the remote rural areas of India and economically and socially backward are also under the purview of the Province.

New Centres Initiated

Hindaun in Jaipur diocese, Bileshwarpura in Gandhi Nagar diocese, Nippani in Belgaum diocese, Daman Mission in the Arch diocese of Goa, Hathikheda in Ajmer diocese, Renewal Centre (Belgaum) and a parish in Kabwe diocese, Zambia.

Mission Overseas

We have 3 confreres working in Switzerland, 5 in Germany, 5 in Australia, 2 in the USA and three in Zambia.

Members in Heaven

We thank God for the gift of 3 members who are in eternal life, Fr. Anthony Fernandes, Fr.S.M Peter and Fr. Clement Mendonca who have joined the galaxy of stars in heaven. These and others are praying for us.