Mothers’ Day at St. John’s Mass Centre

On 5th August 2016 St. John’s Mass Centre celebrated Mothers’ Day with the aim of bringing unity and understanding among the people allotted by the Archdiocese of Nagpur. It was, indeed, a great joy to see as many as 70 mothers from opposite of St. John’s High School, St. John’s Compound, Hasan Garage Compound, Lala Ka Baghicha, Motibagh, Bishop’s Chawl and the surrounding areas gathered together to celebrate first time ever Mothers’ Day. A special homily was preached on the theme ‘Love of Mother’ that “from day to day, from moment to moment, mother is the sole custodian and dispenser of her children. Mother is the genuine tree that bears that Fruit of Life. To mark this event something memorable we took procession inside the campus holding lighted candles and flowers with the message that ‘women have power to change the world and they are the Light of the World’.”

Fr. Kulandai Raj, msfs

Fr. Domy writes from Rome

“Heartfelt condolence to you and all our confreres, it was really difficult to accept that Fr. Melchiades Dalgado is no more. I have experienced his love, care, concern and spiritual guidance during my life in Vidya Sadan and later. I was fortunate to visit him and receive his blessing on the previous day of my departure from Nagpur.

In these few lines I write to you to give information about my studies in Rome. I reached Italy on 19th July at 02.00 pm local time. Prior to that my connecting flight was from Doha had a one-hour delay.  When I reached the airport in Rome, Fr. Augustine Mangatt was there to receive me. In the coming two months (August and September) I am staying in our house near to St. Peter’s Basilica, where Fr. Augustine is the superior. From 1st August 2016, I am attending Italian course in the University of Urbanianum. Probably I will be attending the next course too in the same university because that is closer to our house. For my doctoral studies I will be registering in Lateran University. I am given an appointment with the registrar on 4th September 2016. After which I will be told the prerequisites I will have to complete. From October I will be staying in Pontificio Collegio Nepomuceno which is closer to Lateran University. Our student confreres from almost all the provinces are staying there and Nagpur Province will be added this year. At present, it is summer here. The average temperature is 30 degrees. It is because of the support of all our confreres that everything has gone well so far. Do continue to support me in your prayers.

Internal Audit 2016-17

This is the fourth successive internal audit ever since we evolved the system of such practices. The province administration is happy with most communities. There are communities that are negligent. They may not be doing it deliberately. May I request the Local Superior to study the format thoroughly and guide the concerned departments. Community meetings should deliberate the lapses and observations made in last year’s report.