Province of Nagpur

At a glance

Provincial Fr. J.B. Muthuswamy msfs
Province Councillors Fr. George Kurickal - Councillor in charge of Mission and Admonitor, Fr. Patras Tirkey - Councillor in charge of Social Apostolate and Innovative Ministries,Fr. Anthony Amaladoss - Councillor in charge of Education, Fr. Lalit Tigga - Councillor in charge of Formation, Fr. William Anthony - Bursar.
All Professed Members 175
Perpetually Professed members 124
Priests 105
Brothers - Perpetually Professed 06
Scholastics Perpetually Professed 013
Scholastics - Temporary Professed 046 Philosophers: 25, Theologians: 31, Regents: 06
Novices 011
Minor Seminarians 56
Educational Institutions 13
Technical Institutes Formal: 01 and Non-Formal:01
Formation Houses Minor Seminary: 2 Novitiate: 01
Mission Stations 60
Parishes 30

History of the Province:

The General Chapter 1995 decided to divide the Province of Maharashtra-Goa into two Provinces and authorized the Superior General and his Council to work out the modalities of the division and complete the process before 15th August 1996. The division of M.G.Province should enhance the present missionary work and ensure continuity and growth of the congregation in a spirit of unity and collaboration. According to the decision taken by the General Chapter 1995 to divide the Province of Maharashtra-Goa, is divided into two provinces, to be known as Pune Province and Nagpur Province.

The division of the Province of Maharashtra- Goa, as decided by the General Chapter 1995, formally came into effect on 10th August 1996 for Pune Province and on 15th August 1996 for Nagpur Province. Thus Nagpur Province came into existence on 15th August 1996.

The province inherited a very rich tradition of missionary legacy coupled with the struggle and sacrifices of missionaries of yesteryears. Our expansion in foreign mission consist of our missionary undertakings in Mozambique, Africa and now in North Indian tribal dioceses. On 15th August 1996, the new Provincial, Fr. Joseph Pottemmel, took charge of Nagpur Province and later   Frs. Joseph Pullopillil and Sebastian Annaikandathil and the present provincial is Fr. Jacob Karamakuzhyil.