Provincial Statutes

Dear Confreres, in the past years we had been making strenuous efforts to have statutes of our own for practical and spiritual implementation of a rule of life for our province. After serious and meaningful study and evaluation we are completing the draft of the Provincial Statutes of the South West India Province. The Drafting Committee consisting of Frs. Thomas Chennakattukunnel, R. Santhosh Kumar and A. Jerome will give the final touch to it. Thereafter the draft of the Provincial Statutes shall be sent to each Apostolic Community for serious reflection and study. The suggestions and recommendations that you make in the Apostolic Communities shall be studied in the provincial chapter. The provincial statutes have to be finally approved in the Provincial Chapter so that it can be implemented for our day-to-day life in the province. I request the Convenors/Secretaries of the Apostolic Communities, as soon as they receive the draft of the provincial statutes, to convoke the apostolic community meeting (if necessary, more than once) to study and to make creative suggestions regarding the provincial statutes.

Visitation to Chad- Cameroon Mission

From the 5th January 2016 to the 16th January 2016 I had the privilege to visit the Chad- Cameroon Mission of our Province together with the then Provincial Rev. Fr. Jose Kumblolickal and Fr. Joshy Thazhathukunnel, the Provincial Bursar. We were cordially welcomed at the Yaounde Airport by Frs. Manoj Arckal and Sujith Pallassery. At La Feuillette, our Minor Seminary and the Mission House, Frs. Manoj, Emil Amougou, Bipin Xess and Sujith are staying together with the minor Seminarians and the theologians. Bros. Ajish and John Joseph are also there learning the French Language and the culture of the people. We had the opportunity to meet our Confreres in common as well as personally. We celebrated the Holy Eucharist with the people in the parishes where our confreres are rendering their services, such as Ekkoundum, Ekekam and Ebang. It had been a wonderful opportunity to share their life and faith.

We visited Frs. Thomas Moongamakkal and Christophe at Buea in the Anglophone speaking area of Cameroon. Fr. Thomas is the Chaplain of the University Chapel and the parish priest. Fr. Christophe is assisting him and doing university studies. At Ngaoundere Frs. Giridhari and Marcel are rendering a wonderful service as university chaplain and parish priest. We are also running a school in Ngaoundere. We visited our mission in Chad both in Doba and Bero. At Doba Frs. Robin and Parfait are rendering a commendable job as parish priest and manager of the school. At Bero Fr. Sandeep is the parish priest and the director and manager of the SFS Boys’ Home. Fr. Kuldeep is rendering his service in the East Africa Province.

Formators’ Forum Meeting, 2016

The first meeting of the formation forum in the year of formation was held at Vinayalaya Bangalore under the able leadership of Rev. Fr. Henry Jose Kodikuthiyil, Councilor in charge of Formation, on 11th February 2016. The meeting was well attended by formators from Tejas Vidya Peetha, Suvidya College, Sneha Jyothi, Makkiyad, SFS Seminary, Ettumanoor and Sannidhi, Mysore who actively involved themselves in discussion and deliberation. The meeting began with Provincial’s address followed by the sharing of the activities by the representatives from respective houses. The main thrust of the meeting was to plan out programmes for the year of formation. Various activities for the different stages of formation, formation for the formators and ongoing formation were planned which would be implemented in the year of Formation. Special discussions were held on the creative ways of vocation promotion. Rev. Fr. Benny Koottanal, the provincial appreciated the formators for their commitment and sacrifice in forming the future of the Province and also called on them to be models for the formees. The meeting was concluded with 30 minutes of adoration led by Rev. Fr. Benny Koottanal, the Provincial. Reported by Fr. Santosh Pereira MSFS

Superiors’ Meeting

The Annual Superiors’ Meeting was conducted on 2nd February 2016 at Vinayalaya. Twenty Seven Local Superiors of our communities attended it. The meeting began at 9 am with a prayer by the Provincial. The Provincial welcomed the gathering of the Superiors and the resource person Rev. Fr. Joe Mathias SJ, the Rector of St. Peter’s Pontifical Seminary. Fr. Joe spoke very convincingly of the Challenges for Leadership in Animating Community Today which evoked adequate responses and queries from the gathering. Thereafter the Provincial addressed the gathering of the Superiors regarding the challenges in the province for further growth and the role of the Superiors. The provincial also shared with the Superiors regarding the proposals made by the Superior General after his visitation of our province especially regarding the spiritual life, community life and the animation role of the superiors. The Superiors then shared their experiences in the communities as well as the up-to-date functioning of the respective communities with the new initiatives and challenges. The meeting came to an end with an adoration of the Blessed Sacrament animated by the Provincial.