Province of South East India

At a glance ...

Provincial Fr. A. Dharmaraj
Province Councillors Fr. Sebastin Raj C - Admonitor,
Fr. Deivasakayaraj S,
Fr. Edward, Fr. Jeyakumar A,
Fr. Nicholas M - Bursar
All Professed Members 176
Perpetually Professed members 135
Priests 125
In Formation Deacons: 005, Theologians: 023, Philosophers: 022, Regents: 007
Novices 10
Minor Seminarians 51
Formation Houses Minor Seminary: 01, Philosophate (Inter-province): 01
Children's Home Boys’ Home: 01, Children’s Villages: 03
Educational Institutions Schools: 09, Industrial School: 01
Mission Stations and Parishes 22
Provincial House 01
Mission Stations & Parishes 38
Total Number of Undertakings/Centres in India 37
Confreres In India:68Outside of India: 57, Studying: 07
Outside of IndiaGermany, Holland, Italy, Brazil, England, USA & West Indies
Number of Dioceses where South East Confreres are Present India: 016, Outside India: 023

About Us

South East Province has 170 professed members and has 123 priests working in different parts of the world. We work in 16 dioceses in Tamilnadu and Puducherry. Our ministry consists of 23 Parishes, 8 Schools, one Industrial School, 1 Boys´ Home, and 3 Children´s Villages. There are 53 confreres abroad either working or studying.

As we, the members of the South-East India Province look back, we know that we have not traversed too long a distance, but certainly have travelled the harder way in whatever we have accomplished. Our Province began its humble journey relying on the providence of God, with not much material assets to boast about. It found and still continues to find its strength in its non-ordinary man-power and exuberance.  It continues to remain a faithful child of our Congregation. It is aware of the conditions in which the Congregation was founded and the way the Congregation has to respond to the needs of the time and the Church. It continues to carry out the mission of the Church and of the Congregation in a simple and humble way worthy of commendable praise.


Some immportant dates to remember: Our Congregation was founded in France in 1838. Our First Missionaries landed on the shores of Pondicherry, which is part of our Province, in 1846. Chennai Region was born on 24th January, 2005 on the Feast of our Heavenly Patron. Very Rev. Fr. A. Lawrence was appointed as the Regional Superior. The South-East India Province was born on 24th January, 2008. Very Rev. Fr. A. Lawrence was appointed as the first Provincial. On 24th January 2011, Very Rev. Fr. Anthony Dharmaraj was appointed as the second Provincial of the South-East India Province. On 24th January, 2014, Very Rev. Fr. Anthony Dharmaraj was reappointed as the Provincial of the South-East India Province for a second term of three years.

List of Countries where currently South East Province members are serving:

1) Brazil 2) East - Africa 3) England 4) Germany 5) Holland 6) India 7) Itally 8) U.S.A 9) St. Lucia 10) St. Kitts 11) Dominica

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