Parish Mission:Ministry of Renewal of Faith

At the core of the foundational apostolates of the MSFS is the ministry of renewal of faith. The cry of Fr Mermier's heart"I want Missions" in post-French revolutionary period of indifference to and neglect of faith, preaching of parish missions became the first and basic foundational apostolate of the MSFS. What justifies MSFS to take up parochial ministries or Parishes is the desire to augment the parochial  sacramental ministry with programs and plans of renewal of faith of the people in and through a local  MSFS religious community.

Mermerian Parish Mission Preaching teams  is the call of the 19th General Chapter 2013 which the Congregation is in the process of implementation. MSFS parish mission preaching draws its inspiration, content and methodology from the way Fr Mermier conducted parish preaching missions  adapted to our times marked with signs of  indifference due to the   onslaught of secularism, individualism and relativism  of the modern world. A number of individual confreres are engaged in retreat preaching and animations of priests, religious and lay-people  as part of the apostolate of missions.

Institutes of Spirituality and Retreat Centres are outstanding in some of our Provinces as a commitment to the apostolate of Missions. These institutes are centers of excellence, professionalism, and profundity of spiritual direction and formation. The Retreat Centres are vibrant spaces for spiritual and faith renewal for priests, religious and the laity.

Frontier pioneering missions and evangelization  especially missions abroad  was the natural growth process of the Founder who gave the clarion call for Missions when he said : I want Missions. The frontier missions of MSFS in 8 countries of Africa and Papua New Guinea during the last 25 years is the continuation of the legacy of missionary courage and daring of Fr Mermier, our Founder.