Our Ministry

Parish mission

At the core of the foundational apostolates of the MSFS is the ministry of renewal of faith. The cry of Fr Mermier's heart"I want Missions" in post-French revolutionary period of indifference to and neglect of faith, preaching of parish missions became the first and basic foundational apostolate of the MSFS.

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Formal Education has always been an important  apostolate  of the Congregation especially in mission countries with the focus of serving the mission  either in faith formation, or as source of vocations  to priestly and religious life . Confronted with the poverty and illiteracy of people a missionary  finds educational apostolate as a meeting point in which faith and human potentialities can be trained, deepened and directed to realization of the fullness of life which Christ came to give mankind.

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The Congregation, right from its inception, has considered formation as integral part of its commitment to mission. Without competence, human and spiritual solidity , and desired transformation into  a disciple of Jesus , it is not possible to be His Missionary. Hence the priority the Congregation has given to the apostolate of formation of its members.

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Mission realisation of Jesus Christ has many dimensions. To give focused attention to a dimension of mission for its effectiveness and in ensuring its significant contribution to the over-all mission of Christ, social apostolate and new and innovative ministries have been given the status of a separate ministry. It is not detached from mission proper but inserted into it to sustain  the overall objectives of the mission of Christ.

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