Education Ministry

Formal Education has always been an important  apostolate  of the Congregation especially in mission countries with the focus of serving the mission  either in faith formation, or as source of vocations  to priestly and religious life . Confronted with the poverty and illiteracy of people a missionary  finds educational apostolate as a meeting point in which faith and human potentialities can be trained, deepened and directed to realization of the fullness of life which Christ came to give mankind. Education becomes a tool for the integral and wholistic development of the human person, the living image of God perfected in the perfect icon of God , Jesus Christ . Fr Mermier advocated the wholistic education when he understood education of the heart as the heart of education .

MSFS consciously commit themselves to the apostolate of education as part of the mission of Christ  and as a means to promote and strengthen the renewal of faith and God-experience of the students and teachers. “ Our schools and colleges should provide means of God-experience  for the students through our way of life and our commitment to Gospel values.( MSFS Const No.38)

To sustain the imparting of salesian and missionary  vision of education, our Constitutions encourage us to discern and launch where possible in colleges and institutions of higher learning. This is a new direction shown by the revised Constitutions of 2007 . The Congregation has full-fledged 2 graduation and post-graduation colleges, and many junior colleges that cater to the needs of the students.

The global network of Fransalian schools consisting of primary ,secondary and higher secondary, in number  speak of the urgency to deepen and retain the insertion of education in the apostolate of mission as envisioned by our Founder , Fr Mermier.

MSFS SCHOOLS: www.msfsschool.in