The Mission Development Office (MDO) in Rome is the Mission Procure of the Congregation of the Missionaries of Saint Francis de Sales. It is a new venture launched by the General Administration of the Congregation responding to the call of the 19th General Chapter 2013 (cf. GC XIX, Directives on Resource Mobilization, 1).

The MDO is set up at the CASA DI PROCURA of the Congregation at Via del Mascherino 46/3, 00193, Roma, Italia. It was officially blessed and inaugurated by the Superior General on 24th January 2014, the feast day of Saint Francis de Sales, the Patron of the Congregation.

The legal body or the juridical person holding the MDO is the “ASSOCIAZIONE MISSIONARIA DI SALES, ONLUS” (AMISALES).  AMISALES is therefore a charitable and non-profit organization (ONLUS) and as such recognised and approved by the Italian State (cf. Prot.n.CCR/ac/onlus 42189  c.f. 96288980582 dated 18.06.2010).  

The MDO operates under the direct supervision of the Superior General with specific terms and conditions approved by the General Administration. It has an Exectutive Body that is appointed by the Superior General. This Body consists of four members namely the Superior General, General Bursar, the Procurator General to the Holy See and the Director of MDO appointed by the Superior General.


The main objective of MDO is to disseminate information about the various developmental activities of the Congregation through its numerous missions all over the world. The MDO aims at reaching out to people of all nations and cultures without any distinction of caste, creed, colour or race, to foster people to people contacts and collaboration and to establish and co-ordinate  partnership groups, associations, funding agencies and other NGOs to mobilize human and financial resources for the social development and educational projects of the Congregation all over the world especially in the 26 countries where the Congregation is present.

The main task of the MDO is therefore the mobilisation of resources human, material and financial to assist the Missionaries of St Francis de Sales all over the world especially in the developing countries in Africa, Asia and South America with a particular focus on spiritual formation, leadership formation, humanitarian, developmental and educational works for the poor and marginalised people.


In order to achieve its objectives, the MDO has proposed the following Action Plan

  1. 1. Contact friends, benefactors, NGOs and funding agencies on behalf of the Congregation to acquaint them of the various developmental projects of the MSFS in the whole world especially in developing countries so specified by the Congregation and to build a partnership with them to assist the missionaries in responding to their urgent needs in their service to the people.
  2. 2. Mobilise finances and material resources in general for the missions through appropriate mechanisms that are approved by the Congregation
  3. 3. Receive projects and appeals from the Provinces/Regions/Delegations/Mission Units through the recommendation of the competent superiors, study them and forward them to agencies or benefactors for the necessary sanction of grants.
  4. 4. Build a Development Fund of the Congregation to be at the disposal of the General Administration of the Congregation for disbursement to the most needy missions.
  5. 5. Animate and provide information on how to organise Mission Development Offices for the Congregation in different countries.
  6. 6. Form Associations of Friends and benefactors in as many countries as possible. All such Associations and Friends are to be initiated into the spirituality and way of life of the Congregation and motivate them to be partners with the Mission and Vision of the Congregation.
  7. 7. Gather detailed information on all missions of the Congregation in all its Provinces/Vice-Provinces/Regions/Delegations/Mission Units. Evolve a mechanism to collect the data and information about missions and all developmental activities of the Congregation.


Mission Development Office