Rev. Fr. Abraham Vettuvelil, Superior General (2013- )
Date of Birth 16/04/1961
Place of Birth Vazhoor, Kerala, India
First Profession 1979, Salesianum, Vizag
Perpetual Profession 1989, Vinayalaya, Bangalore
Date of Priestly Ordination May 1, 1990 Holy Cross Church, Elangoi
Rev. Fr. Thumma Mariadas Reddy, Assistant Superior General(2013- )
Date of Birth July 22, 1966
Place of Birth Ramachandrapuram, Kurnool District, A P, India
First Profession 08 December 1983, Salesianum, Vizag
Perpetual Profession 07 February 1990, Fransalianum, Pune
Date of Priestly Ordination 10 August 1990, Rentachintala, Guntur diocese
Present Responsibilities General Councillor for Missions, General Councillor for IMRM, Coordinator of the Retreat Preaching team of the Congregation, Promoter for the Cause of the Founder, General councillor-Monitor for the annual Salesian Retreat in preparation for the perpetual profession, Vice-chairman of the Pre-Capitular Commission (PCC) for General Chapter 2013, Secretary General for the General Chapter 2013
Rev. Fr. Agnelo    Fernandes, General Councillor(2013- )
Date of Birth 28 – 08 – 1948, Mumbai
First Profession 19 – 05 – 1966 , Visakhapatnam
Date of Priestly Ordination 23 – 03 – 1974 , Andheri, Mumbai
Present Responsibility Lumen Christi Institute, Arusha, Tanzania
Rev. Fr. Noel Rebello, General Councillor (2013 - )
Fr. Rebello Noel General Councillor 2013 -
Date of Birth 29 – 12 – 1943
First Profession 26 April 1962, Salesianum, Vizag
Date of Priestly Ordination 26 – 6 – 1970
Presently at Mermier Bhavan, MSFS House, Hyderabad, India
Rev. Fr. George Parampukattil, General Councillor (2013 - )
Fr. Parampukattil George General Councillor 2013 -
Date of Birth 07-07-1951
First Profession 04-05-1971, Salesianum, Visakapatnam. AP
Perpetual Profession 1975, Vinalaya, Bangalore
Date of Priestly Ordination 04-08-1975, St. Mary’s Church, Anickad, Kerala
Province of Origin North East Province, India
Present Responsibility General secretary for Education
Rev. Fr. Jayaseelan Selvaraj, General Councillor (2013 - )
Date of Birth 16th December 1977
First Profession 31 May 1998
Perpetual Profession 14th January 2006, Fransalianum, Pune
Date of Priestly Ordination 24th November 2006, Holy Spirit Church, Agraharam, Salem, Tamil Nadu, India
Province of Origin Pune Province
Presently at Missionari di. S. francesco di sales, Roma, Italia
Rev. Fr. Augustine Mangatt, General Bursar (2007 - )
Date of Birth 09-02-1948
First Profession 04-05-1972
Perpetual Profession Vinayalaya, Bangalore. 23rd Jan,1976
Date of Priestly Ordination 14-08-1976 St.Sebastian’s Church, Cheruvandoor
Province of Origin East Africa
Presently at Missionari di S. Francesco di Sales, Roma, Italia